Thoughts on Food

Being a pet boutique owner does not make me an expert on food for our pets. But I am learning. Actually, having been a consumer for the life of several dogs and cats, I should have known more than I did when we started this project. With so many products and price variations it is confusing for sure.

I think we all know our animals best and should make decisions about what we feed them based on any special needs they have first and foremost. If your pet does not have health issues – there are many great foods on the market to chose from. Some are better than others. Making sure it is made in the US and has few fillers (corn meal should NOT be the first ingredient), high in protein and low in moisture content are the basics. Foods are also rated by many different websites that can help give you assurance that you have made a healthy choice for your pet.

Daisy has been the store “tester” for the foods we are carrying. She has always been a fussy eater so I figured if she eats it – it has to be delicious! I also feel like I should only carry foods I would feed my own animals. Currently she is eating Victor (a little known brand with a 5 star rating, made in Texas at a great price!).  She is especially happy when it is topped with a can of Weruva chicken in gravy!