Passionate people

Those who rescue animals are some of the most passionate an
d intense people I have met so far in this business. I started this shop thinking I would sell pretty things for pets and their owners. I figured I would meet new creative people with a love for animals and fit myself into a corner of North Buffalo that to date doesn’t have a place like this. Little did I know that I would also find amazing people that donate their time, energy, money and most importantly their hearts to saving lives and educating the public about animal rescue.

We met a super awesome woman – Suzanne Laba – she is a hero to many dogs and people, I am sure of it. Her love for Pitt Bulls (and all breeds) is palatable. She has a soft spot for those that are treated badly. Beaten, used for bate, chained up, starved, left for dead or roaming the streets of our city…she has seen the unthinkable, the ugly side of people. And has been moved to change the lives of these animals. By educating us. By walking them. And by encouraging our community to be better. Thank you for being so passionate – that it makes others want to help.