Meet Daisy

daisy8Just a little bit about Daisy, since she is the namesake for the store. She is a long coat Akita (or Wooley). She is at heart a lab in an Akita’s body. Laid back, loving, passive and loyal with some silly in there as well. We are lucky to have such a sweet animal in our lives. To say we love her is an understatement. We have adjusted schedules, risked life and limb walking everyday in the winter snow and ice, cooked her chicken dinners, purchased kiddy pools and countless toys, not to mention worry if she seems sad. And finally, we brought home a puppy to keep her company.

Over the last couple weeks, as we have been meeting new people and their animals, I have come to realize that we all seem to have the same feeling towards the pets in our lives…passionate and caring. With an urge to find a way to make them happy with a toy, a treat or a fancy new collar. Making our loyal friends happy – makes us happy. Feeding them well and keeping them healthy – makes us feel good. Giving them love gives us so much in return.