Lauren & Thomas

For as much as I talk about my dogs and to other people about their animals – I think I should spend at least 200 words on my children. Lauren is 21, a Biomedical Engineering student at RIT, an inventor, problem solver, and is the first Deaf person I ever met. She is strong, funny, and beautiful. Thomas is 19, a Business major at Binghamton University, strong, athletic, diligent, genuinely good with a beautiful heart. He is funny, charming and handsome.

Both inspire me to be better. We learn who we are when faced with challenges. We learn who we can count on when we need help. We figure out what we are capable of when we hit road blocks that seem insurmountable. I have learned who I am over the last 21 years of being a mom. Truly. Having children forced me to focus on what was important. Who was important. Until I had them I had no idea what love could be or how deeply I could love.